A Letter from Frederick Mann

The following is a letter from Frederick Mann, internet marketing pioneer and founder of the international company Terra Libra. This letter was sent out monthly for several years to Terra Libra’s ever-increasing client lists, and then published regularly in Mr. Mann’s online company newsletters.

“Dear Terra Libran,

Perhaps you remember my mentioning in Terra Libra a new method of self-actualization called Idenics. Since I feel this method is worthy of more mention, I am writing you this letter.

Idenics is a powerful, straightforward and effective system that addresses an individual’s ‘unwanted conditions’ on a one-to-one basis. About three years ago I experienced Idenics for the first time. I started with a list of about thirty unwanted conditions in my life – things I didn’t like about myself – mainly fixed and more or less compulsive emotional behaviors. It took about thirty-five minutes to handle the first unwanted condition.

The second one took about fifteen minutes. I handled each successive unwanted condition in less time. It was truly amazing how certain long-standing problems disappeared in minutes! About nine months after the first few sessions I had a few more Idenics sessions. There were only a few minor unwanted conditions to handle and I handled them very quickly.

Before Idenics I was never particularly successful at anything for very long. Every venture or business I tried to start failed quickly or never got off the ground. I found it extremely difficult to get others working with me. Since Idenics all that has changed. Now there are people from all over the world working with me. Hundreds of thousands read my writings. People are changing their lives because of my influence. Companies are being reorganized according to my suggestions.

I feel that I’ve become spectacularly successful and that much greater success is coming in the future! I doubt if there is even one person on earth who couldn’t become more successful through Idenics!

It is for this reason that I would like to introduce you to Mike Goldstein, the president of Survival Services International, the company that exclusively delivers Idenics. While in Colorado last month I met with Mike. I brought two other Terra Librans who found that meeting extremely enlightening. I urge you to call and talk with Mike Goldstein. It may be the most important call you ever make.

Frederick Mann”