Idenics Processing

The one-to-one facilitation, where an Idenics practitioner addresses a client’s unwanted conditions is referred to as “Idenics processing.” Idenics processing is delivered professionally through Survival Services International, and can be delivered either in person, or by telephone or Skype.

Processing is charged for at the rate of US$150 per hour. Any discussion or answering of questions is free and done out of session. The client is only charged for the time used in session working on the issues that he or she wishes to address.

For processing delivered in person, a 10-hour minimum purchase is required to start. For processing delivered over the phone or Skype, a 5-hour minimum purchase is required to begin.

Since an Idenics practitioner tries to take each session to a good point the length of sessions vary, but the average session runs about an hour. Any time used in a session is deducted, by the minute, from the total hours purchased.


Idenics Practitioner Training Course

We only deliver one course, but everything that a person needs to know about applying Idenics techniques to themselves and to others is on this course. It is normally delivered to one or two people at a time, although group deliveries are available.

There are two parts to the course: the study or theory part, and the practical or processing part.

Up until 2010, the study section was only delivered in person. Done in person, full time, the study section takes approximately two to three weeks to complete. As of June of 2010, the study or theory part of the course has also been offered long distance. However, the long distance delivery is not an online, extension, or correspondence delivery. The same personal service that has always been done in person, including discussion, question-answering, lecture and drilling is also done over the telephone or on Skype.

On the practical or processing section of the course, which has always been done long distance, the student finds people to work with, applying what he or she has learned in the course’s study section. Student supervision is done over the phone or on Skype. The practical section can take a while, depending on how much time the student is able to devote to it. There is no limit on the amount of supervision available to the student, and he or she can take as much time on this part of the course as needed. Proficiency comes with practice and working with many different people. But how competent students wish to become is up to them. A student may only be interested in learning Idenics for their own edification or to work with family and friends. On the other hand, a student may want to take his or her skills to a professional level.

The course fee is US$5000. Discounts are available on group deliveries. Students who wish to do the course together and process each other on the practical section may do so with no extra charge for co-processing supervision.

If you want more information on our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in any way that we can.

Most major credit cards are accepted in payment for services. We also accept PayPal® for Idenics processing.