Survival Services International: A Brief History

I began my quest for personal growth in 1969. Two years later I started my career in the arena of self-improvement and alternative therapy. In 1980, at the age of thirty, I decided to start my own company, Survival Services International, to deliver such services to the public. Needing a partner with more experience than I had and being aware of John Galusha’s reputation, I sought John out and asked for his assistance. He agreed, and we began a very special partnership and adventure that would continue for the next sixteen years.

During the first six years of operation, Survival Services continued to expand by delivering different forms of self-improvement services to clients from all over the globe. We brought others on board who specialized in various areas of personal growth, and by 1985 we had a thriving company with more than fifteen additional staff. We were successful, and the results we achieved with our clients were as good as those of others in our field, and most of our clients returned for additional services. But a successful company, passable results, and clients who continued to do services with us were not good enough. These things might be good enough for a company producing some tangible product, but not in the business of helping people.

People originally get involved in self-improvement and therapy in order to resolve their issues, so that they can get on with their lives. Unfortunately, most find that it is not that simple. Once started on that road, one can be confronted with years of therapy, hundreds of seminars, and dozens of different courses of study. Decades later, seekers may have gained lots of information and explanations about their conditions, but still find themselves wrestling with the same issues they had in the beginning. Most end up just coping and learning to live with their unwanted conditions.

Acutely aware of this dilemma for years and armed with clues to its resolution that he had accumulated over his forty-five years of experience, from 1985 to 1987 John Galusha embarked on two years of intense research and development. During this time both John and I became engrossed in this new direction, paying less and less attention to our previous run-of-the-mill services. Since I was no longer willing to promote, sell, and deliver our bread-and-butter programs, the company’s income began to suffer. Our other staff members became increasingly disillusioned.

In 1987 John made some astounding breakthroughs that made everything we had known or been doing obsolete. This was the beginning of the system that we now call Idenics. We kept the name of the company, Survival Services International, but the only service we would deliver from that point on was Idenics.

Unwilling to give up their previous ideas and training, unwilling to learn a new system, all but two of our technical staff quit. No longer able to support our administrative staff, we had to let all but one go. We were soon forced to move out of our luxurious five thousand square foot office space into smaller and less lavish quarters.

We were quickly faced with another business challenge. Our clients were now getting such fast and stable results that we had to have a much larger flow of clients to survive financially. We soon completed working with clients who had engaged in our previous services and had to make our new service known to new clients. In many ways, as a company we were starting over. Moreover, explaining Idenics to potential clients was quite the challenge. But the word-of-mouth from the clients receiving Idenics enabled us to survive.

Over the next eight years we made numerous breakthroughs and thoroughly developed the Idenics methodology. By 1995 the one-to-one facilitation which we called “Idenics processing” was developed and we were capable of competently training Idenics practitioners to deliver the procedures to others. John was fully satisfied that his work was done. A year later at the age of seventy-seven, John Galusha passed away. I had not only lost a business partner, but my best friend.

Since John’s death I have continued our work alone. But every time a client makes a breakthrough, or has a realization or epiphany, I think of John and I am thankful for having known him.

Over the years the Idenics procedures have been streamlined and simplified, and we are now able to get the same quality of results over the phone as we have always gotten in person. Our clients can now work with a practitioner from the comfort of their own homes.

Over the years I have continued to enhance our training program. We must continue to improve our ability to impart our know-how on to our students and new practitioners so that they have the same opportunity to take their skill level to the same heights as a practitioner working with Survival Services.

As well as being a great boon to Idenics awareness internationally, the book, “Idenics: An Alternative to Therapy” has proven to be a great asset to our training lineup. It has become a perfect step; a perfect gradient to the Idenics course. Students having a thorough understanding of the concepts in the book find it much easier to grasp the materials on the Idenics Practitioner Training Course.

The Idenics book, combined with better ways of communicating the subject to our students, have contributed to our now offering the theory section of the training course long distance; previously a service only available to individuals at our location in Colorado. Not only can an individual anywhere in the world receive Idenics processing in the comfort of their own home, but they can also get the same personalized training always done in person without leaving the house.

As of the writing of this article the magnitude and results of our work has still only begun to be realized. But with the word-of-mouth from an ever-expanding list of satisfied customers, increasing book sales, and present availability of Idenics processing and training, the future is looking very bright indeed.

Mike Goldstein
17 April 2012