Testimonials of Success with Idenics

The followings testimonials were written by people who had received less than ten hours of Idenics processing. “Fred – I took advantage of a session with Mike Goldstein this past Monday lasting 2 hours and 17 minutes. I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with Mike. It was profitable! It was powerful! And I learned a great deal that I had not seen before despite my strong commitment to the interior life of study and prayer. PEACE!” L.S.

“Mike – I noticed some improvement in my outlook and in my functioning immediately after our single Idenics session, but it’s the longer-term, stable results that really matter. In that respect, I’m pleased to report that in the month or so since you worked with me things have continued to improve for me in ways I could never have predicted. The upshot is that I can honestly say that I have never been as happy and as effective in life as I am right now, as I approach my 52nd birthday. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Thank you so much for helping me with your remarkable technology. And even though you keep giving me all the credit for doing the ‘looking,’ there’s no doubt in my mind that you are the one who deserves the credit for showing me how to look.” J.M.

“Fred – I first want to thank you for your help in my life. A few years ago I joined the Terra Libra program basically just to educate myself on freedom technology. You wrote an article about Idenics and at the time I could not afford to do it. I now live in Colorado and have had a chance to do a few sessions with Mike Goldstein. Two weeks ago I could not even go to bed without thinking that I did not want to wake up. I was getting very depressed and didn’t have a clue why. I didn’t want to see a traditional therapist because I am not convinced they do anything for a person. To make a long story short, I feel 1000% better. I am in control of my life and my emotions again. If you hadn’t still had a link to Idenics when I was looking for it, who knows how long I could have existed feeling the way I did. The simple tools I learned from Idenics will help me achieve whatever I want in life. I gave up on myself a long time ago, but with the help of Mike and yourself, I am the person I used to be. I really cannot thank you enough for referring me to Idenics.” R.M.

“Mike – Just a short note to thank you for your help in showing – or should I say letting me see the roadblocks; more like brick walls that were blocking my way to a fuller life. I know that I’ve learned a lot more about myself then I would have thought possible. And I got so much accomplished in just five hours. I know that your relaxed, no-judging style helped me relax also. Again big thanks, Mike. Since our sessions I have built two more websites by myself. I never knew I could do that!” R.O.

“Mike – Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity with me. The process we did was amazing and I felt so much gratitude afterwards. I know that a huge shift took place. Thank you so much for this enormous gift!” E.S.

“Mike – Idenics has exposed a world to me where I let go of unwanted conditions simply by ‘taking a look around.’ When we view a condition in another perspective it is like shutting the light off in one room and turning it on in another. This helps us to understand the why and to be nonjudgmental. This concept of study eliminates conditions by simple observations. Idenics has helped me resolve issues I have been carrying around a lifetime.” T.S.

“Mike – I had a WONDERFUL holiday in northern California with my kids, and NO ATTENDANT GARBARGE AT ALL!! It was totally incredible how much NOTHING was present, except me, in the moment.” A.T.

“Mike – You helped me more than I can possibly express to you verbally. Before I started the Idenics sessions with you I felt lost, and everything seemed hopeless. I was extremely depressed and confused about what direction to take, and I felt perplexed about almost every aspect of my life. After the first Idenics session with you I started to feel hopeful. After the second session I started to feel that things just might work out for me. After the third session I felt optimistic. Thank you for helping others and giving them guidance and comfort in time of need via your use of Idenics. And may God bless you always for helping me!” S.E.

“Mike – Just a quick note to thank you for the session. As I told you after the session, I felt better; meaning more relaxed, more in tune, stronger and more balanced. I wanted to wait a few days to see/feel if these feelings held on. In brief, here is where I stand: I basically do have the same problems in life (work, family, fiancé, finances) that we spoke of prior to the session, but, and here is a HUGE BUT, I no longer feel these as problems; just stuff to either deal with, take care of, or even move on from if I decide that is my best option. So the issues do not change, but it feels like these are just that: issues; no longer PROBLEMS. For the life of me, even when I think of one of them or encounter something that previously would send me into a rage or to tears I can barely even feel any negative emotion around it at all! I do not thoroughly understand what you did and how it took hold so quickly, but I thank you immensely for the transition. I pray the results remain (as I feel they will) and I will keep you posted. At some point down the road I would like to study the process more to understand it better and maybe move into practicing it. Again, I thank you with all my heart for this life-changing gift! God bless!” C.C.

“Mike – I have been meaning to send you this e-mail for a while to give you an update on my experiences and to express my appreciation. I have been feeling much better, have more hope, and have been feeling happy to be alive. Since the sessions I have noticed a big change in the way I handle stress. I used to stress myself out for any problem, and was not able to make the reasonable and right decisions most of the time. Now I take my time to think about it and make the right move or just let it be until the solution shows up. If you remember, that was one of my biggest problems. Another big change that has taken place is the way that I deal with people. I used to take everything people say or do personally, and I used to imagine things. I don’t’ do that anymore. If anything is said or happens, I say to myself they must be having a bad day or they must be having to deal with some problems or situation. It has become a normal part of life for me. Also, I used to feel guilty if anyone was nice to me, to the point that I couldn’t deal with it for too long. I would make excuses to run and go away. Now I show them my appreciation for being nice and for showing me appreciation for what I do. It has become a daily thing and it is very easy and pleasant now. Also when dealing with family members now, if there is anything I can’t do, I just tell them straight out without having to hide or feel obligated to do everything that they request of me. Before I used to stress out for days, look for excuses, and then feel guilty. I can’t thank you enough because these were big issues that always held me back. I can see and have hope. I feel more at peace now. Thank you so much!” C.D.